As you drive around central Dandenong and the surrounding suburbs, your engine works hard to power your vehicle and move you forward.

To keep the engine working at its peak performance, it relies on the cooling system to push liquid coolant through the engine head and block, drawing heat away from it and avoiding an expensive mechanical break-down.

However, over time your coolant levels can drop to unsafe levels and if not refilled by either yourself or with the help of a professional mechanic, like the friendly team at Monster 4×4 Accessories, it can lead to serious overheating issues.

Providing a full range of cooling system services, we can assist you with:

Radiator repairs and replacement
Heater repairs and replacement
Head gaskets
Coolant flush
If it’s been a while since your last vehicle inspection or if you’ve noticed that your radiator has been overheating or making strange hissing noises, please get in touch with us today!